26th October 2023, Skopje – There is ongoing second issue of the development bond for citizens. Citizens may invest in the development bond for citizens in a simple and an accessible manner via the commercial banks throughout the country by submitting application for participation at the auction and paying the funds intended for purchasing the respective bonds.

Citizens may submit applications at the business banks by 6th November as per the published Prospectus, whereby the auction will be held on 7th November, to be followed by registration of these bonds at the Central Securities Depository.

According to the citizens, this is a free-risk investment in a reliable instrument, issued by the state offering multiple benefits thereto. In addition to this being a safe and risk-free investment, the earnings generated therefrom are substantial, accounting for 10% of the invested amount, throughout the 2-year issuance period. In other words, as a result of the development bond for citizens, the respective holder generates earnings amounting to Denar 10,000 for the invested Denar 100,000.

Citizens may invest minimum amount of Denar 10,000. Earnings from the 5% interest will be paid on 14th November 2024 in the first year, and additional earnings from the respective interest, along with the principal, will be paid on 14th November 2025 in the second year.

Ministry of Finance introduced the development bond for citizens on the market as an innovative product, with a considerable interest being demonstrated by the citizens at the first auction. Thereby, the demand was 2.5 times the amount offered under the published Prospectus, i.e. Denar 1,448,030,000.

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