16th November 2023, Skopje – Funds for higher wages of public administration employees, except for wages of high ranking officials, and higher pensions as per the set systemic solution are projected in the draft 2024 Budget, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi, pointed out in his guest appearance in the evening news on MRT TV channel.

“Funds are allocated in the draft 2024 Budget as per the signed General Collective Agreement, envisaging 10% increase of public sector wages starting this September, as well as payment of vacation allowance, which amounted to Denar 10,000 this year, of 30% of the average net wage next year. No funds for increase of wages of high ranking officials are projected in the Draft 2024 Budget”, Minister Besimi said, emphasizing that additional EUR 160 million is projected for payment of increased wages.

He also said that level of wages was kept and the living standard of the citizens was protected as crucial in times of inflation, in particular wages increased in real terms starting April, with inflation returning to single digits.

He also underlined that more funds are provided for payment of pensions as per the legal solutions.

“We have introduced a systemic solution which guarantees increase of pensions. In 2024, pensioners will be paid as per the legal solution, i.e. pension indexation – keeping pensions in balance with the growth of average wages and prices, i.e. inflation”, Minister of Finance said.

He also touched upon the IMF’s Precautionary and Liquidity Line which, as he said, has positive effect on the country’s credit rating. So far, EUR 100 million has been disbursed, with the new tranche of EUR 160 million to be disbursed in the forthcoming period. PLL has provided for both financing with lower cost and saving of EUR 30 million annually on the basis of interest alone.


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