30th April 2024, Skopje – Today, Ministry of Finance published the data on stock of public debt as of 31st March 2024 inclusive. According to the published data, it amounted to EUR 8,769 million, accounting for 58.6% of GDP.

In Q1, issued government securities amounted to EUR 219.2 million, with EUR 175.5 million being disbursed on the basis of loans concluded with foreign creditors, such as the second tranche under the IMF Precautionary and Liquidity Line and EUR 57.6 million on the basis of loans to public enterprises and joint stock companies established by the state and the municipalities, the municipalities of the City of Skopje and the City of Skopje. In addition, repayment of principal on the basis of foreign debt amounted to Denar 82.7 million.

Ministry of Finance publishes the public debt stock quarterly, whereby with respect to debt-to-GDP, data on GDP value for the period 2005 – 2024 are used. As regards GDP value, 2022 data published on the State Statistics Office (SSO) website, 2023 SSO preliminary data and 2024 MoF’s projections were applied.

Today, as per the set dynamics for publishing debt data, Ministry of Finance published the data on stock of general government debt as of 31st March 2024 inclusive, amounting to EUR 7,544 million or accounting for 50.4% of GDP. Stock of general government debt is published monthly.

Ministry of Finance publishes these data on its website in a transparent manner. Most recent data indicate that the public debt is within the defined limits as per the Organic Budget Law (OBL). Under the OBL, a rule is prescribed pursuant to which public debt should not exceed 60% of GDP, which is in line with the Maastricht criteria. Ministry of Finance remains committed to maintaining stable public debt within the set criteria.

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