15th June 2020, Skopje – By the end of this week, banks are expected to distribute around 100,000 domestic payment cards to the citizens, while 10,000 citizens have already obtained cards and can use them, Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, said at interview for “Utrinski Brifing” (“Morning Briefing”).

-According to the latest information from this morning, 100,000 cards are expected to be distributed by the end of this week, which is bit less than one third, i.e. between one third and one fourth of the total number of citizens will obtain the cards. Ten thousand citizens have already obtained the cards and can use them to pay and purchase. Since most of the cards are issued by the three of the largest banks, around 100,000 cards are expected to be issued and distributed to the citizens by the end of the week. Payment cards are distributed in an intensive pace and obtained daily, Angelovska said.

Citizens qualifying for the payment card under the Decree, who are not on the list due to a technical error, can lodged a complaint by tomorrow.

-Over the weekend, respond was delivered to more than 100,000 citizens having lodged a complaint.  E-mails were sent to the respective institutions, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, all to the end of checking the PIN of the citizens, checking whether it is a technical error and omission or if it is a matter of a lodged complaint, or the person concerned might not meet the requirements as per the Decree.  All those who are to obtain a payment card and have lodged a complaint, will obtain the card, and the others will be sent a reply. However, one should have in mind that the process will take time considering the large number of e-mails sent, Angelovska said.

As regards the application of the passive job seekers, the Minister underlined that the measure was an extensive one, pertaining to the active job seekers who want to be employed.   Persons not seeking job through the Agency can work part-time and do not fall within the target category.

-The limit is set to a certain level, covering a huge number of 120,000 active job seekers. Let’s not forget to point out that the President of the Government presented the measures, in particular this criterion was presented on 17th May. Hence 5,000 new persons not being registered as active job seekers were registered by 22nd May, the respective deadline. They were also included in the list. Thus, there was a respective period during which the job seekers could register in the Employment Agency, which is important to be mentioned, Angelovska said.

Angelovska pointed out that both the business sector and the economy are stimulated on the basis of these measures, through the citizens, which are expected to cushion the impact on the economy, regardless of the measure used, whether it is the domestic payment cards, or EUR 20 million as support to competitiveness and investments by the companies in the industry and the production, or by co-financing IT training through the Ministry of Science and Education, the latest programs.  They are all designed so as to mitigate the consequences for the economy, Angelovska said.

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