9th November 2019 – Digital tools are still neglected as the key to improving the governance of a state and thus improving the democracy itself. Digitization can help addressing global problems, among which sustainable development as the most burning issue. New technologies are also the key instrument for bridging the gender gap. By having her address at the opening ceremony of the international 13th Freay Forum, being held in Skopje this year, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said that we were yet to discover and use the potential of technologies in addressing major social problems.

-Humanity is facing poverty and hunger, immigration, as a result of the climate changes and conflicts, while artificial intelligence rapidly develops on the other hand. This means that we should work more intensively on finding adequate solutions to the problems we face – Angelovska pointed out.   

Digital tools may be used to improve the services of Governments. By making simple analyses based upon digital tools, we can see, for example, who uses the Internet the most and where, being an indicator of development of certain regions. 

– Fro instance, in Chicago embedded digital trackers on bicycles show to the city’s authorities which roads should be reconstructed. Thus, digital tools are a resource of nowadays, just as the steam engine was in the first industrial revolution, just as the Internet itself was – Angelovska said.  


Usage of the digital technologies for improving the quality of public services is one of the important issues for the Government of North Macedonia as well. Minister Angelovska said that during the Annual Meeting in Washington, further cooperation with the World Bank was agreed, aimed at digitalizing even greater number of services, which will have a direct impact on the good governance, as well as the economic growth. This month, Ministry of Information Society and Administration will publish a list of electronic services that will provide for simplifying the services to citizens.

-I am committed at incorporating digital technologies in each sphere because I believe that the future of North Macedonia lies in a smart and digital society. Ministry of Finance will strive for greater application of digital technologies in addressing the grey economy and tax policies, as well as in monitoring the implementation of capital investments and budget transparency – Minister of Financed Angelovska said.

Since 1995, Freya Forum has been working on building capacities, democracy and equal opportunities via support by non-profit organizations in the Western Balkans, Turkey, Sweden and EU countries.

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