25th October 2019, Skopje – Management of business in e-commerce requires multisector cooperation, extensive knowledge in many fields and too much passion.  The potential for e-commerce for a small country, like ours is a small one.  Unlocking that potential requires partnership and joint forces of the government ,the  non-government and the real sector, the academia community, the informal education providers, as well as the citizens, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said at the opening ceremony of the second annual  Conference on E-Commerece, covering the topic “Business Growth with E-Commerce”, attended by more than 400 participants of more than 200 companies and organizations, wherein 30 speakers from the country and abroad  will share their knowledge and experience.

Data of the National Bank show that Macedonians spent EUR 84 million on online shopping with payment cards in the first half of 2019, being by more than 26% compared to the same period last year.

-Ministry of Finance has launched several initiatives related to the challenges identified by the e-merchants.  The new Law on Payment Services, which is to be soon adopted, will provide for liberalization of the market, as well as opportunity for entry and development of Fintech solutions, i.e. sophisticated payment solutions. Activities have already been undertaken aimed at designing the action plan for eliminating the grey economy, which will help businesses in the fight against disloyal competition – Angelovska said.

Minister Angelovska stressed that the government sector should encourage companies, especially small- and medium-sized companies, providing them with the opportunity to grow and develop vie the e-commerce.  By pointing out that the business sector was the Government’s partner, Angelovska encouraged the companies to initiate changes, since only by joint forcers and holistic approach, a progress may be achieved.

E-Commerce Association was established 2 years ago aimed at contributing to progress related to e-commerce and creating favourable business environment for achieving growth. 

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