2nd January 2020, Skopje – Effects from My VAT#My Prize are above expectations. Receipts scanned in just 15 days in December, after the prize game was launched, equal the receipts scanned in the previous period on average for a month and VAT collection is higher.

-Starting July last year, eight million fiscal receipts on average were scanned monthly. In December alone, 12.5 million fiscal receipts were scanned, increasing by more than 53%. If the period from 15th to 31st December is analyzed, eight million fiscal receipt were scanned, i.e. the number of receipts scanned in the previous period on average for a month, Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, said at the press conference held on Thursday at the occasion of presenting the 2019 Budget execution.

According to the Minister, it is important that VAT collection is also higher, i.e. VAT collection in December grew by 12%, while VAT collected on the basis of the scanned receipts grew by 59%.

-These figures speak for the results, the popularity of the prize game, of how people scan the receipts more, participate in the fight against informal economy. This prize game stimulates them to become more and more involved in the fight against informal economy on one hand, influencing and strengthening the tax morale on the other, the Minister pointed out.

Angelovska underlined that the number of new users increases, hence there are more than 200,000 installations of the mobile application.

She also said that the first draw of the first 15 prizes in the amount of Denar 100,000 each will take place on 4th January on Kanal 5 TV after the Lottery Draws Show is aired.

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