9th May 2020, Skopje – The measure – financial support of Denar 14,500 per employee is well designed, with around 24,000 companies and around 6,000 persons performing independent activity having applied therefore. In the interview for 24 TV, Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, said that she was contented with the response of the companies. Data show that, in the past several days, the employers, in order to use this measure, returned around 500 employees to work.

Angelovska said that the response of the companies was large, while as regards the exact number of employees, it would be known once the companies fill in the MPIN form (Monthly Calculation of Integrated Payment). As regards the companies operating in the affected industries, such as hospitality industry and tourism, Angelovska said that the most of the companies registered in this industry had already applied for the respective measure.

– There are total of 4,400 entities registered in the hospitality industry and tourism in the country. Hence, if one takes into account the number of companies from these sectors which have applied, the most of them applied for this measure. Interest of the companies for the measure speaks of a well-designed measure, which the companies are satisfied with and interested to apply for. Once the MPIN forms (Monthly Calculation of Integrated Payment) are filled in, we will have the exact number of jobs to be supported under this measure. However, it gives us the right to say that large number of jobs will be protected, which was the goal of the measure. We expect, and have also assessed, that around 200,000 jobs will be protected under the measure, Angelovska said.

As regards the changes to the Decree, Angelovska said that flexibility was shown and discussions were held so as for all interested parties to be satisfied. She underlined that laying off workers was never supported, but rather, in the interest of the workers, the reduction of the number of workers was to be limited to both full-time and part-time workers, whereby in the all other countries, with such similar measures, the reduction was limited only to the number of laid-off workers engaged on part-time basis.  

– Provisions from the Labour Relations Law have just been transposed in the most recent Decree. The only change was that the month of April was also taken into account. The companies having laid-off workers, reducing the number of employees, have been given the possibility to bring them back to work by 7th May, all to the end of protecting these jobs as well. By Friday, around 500 employees, who were de-registered, were returned to their old job. No state has interest in laying off workers. Which state would like to have higher unemployment rate? We are putting efforts in keeping the employees to be productive at the working post, because it is better for they to be at their working post so as once the recovery of the company starts, it can recover faster, rather than being taken care of by the system, Angelovska said.

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