Asset Management Unit performs the following tasks:

  • regulates and monitors the asset management;

  • participates in the preparation of draft legal

  • regulations on asset management, as well as of bylaws and other regulations;

  • gives opinions upon requests by certain members of boards of creditors;

  • considers proposals submitted by the Public Revenue Office and its regional offices for opening bankruptcy proceedings and gives estimates on proposals justification;

  • gives proposals and opinions on the further status of the property acquired on the basis of bankruptcy claims and on other basis;

  • manages the claims of the state from the enterprises operating on regular basis, as well as the claims from the enterprises for which procedure for enforced settlement, bankruptcy or liquidation is initiated, i.e. from the enterprises showing losses;

  • undertakes measures for initiating procedure for enforced settlement, bankruptcy or liquidation;

  • combines several or all forms of regulating the claims;

  • undertakes and proposes measures for protection and alienation of assets acquired in the form of real estate or immovables on the basis of bankruptcy proceedings under effective decision, in executive procedures with awarding property following unsuccessful exercising of right to pledge or forced collection of claims from the debtor’s property and other cases envisaged by the law, and performs other tasks.


Contact persons:


Head of Unit

Violeta Petreska Todorovska

office: ++389 2 3106 619; fax: ++389 2 3137 012

e-mail: violeta.petreska-todorovska<at>

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