Yesterday, the deadline by when the potential creditors could have submitted statements for inclusion in the project for one-off writing-off of debts for the most vulnerable categories of citizens, ended. Public call stirred great interest at banks and companies.

Statements for participation in the project were submitted to the Ministry of Finance by the following:

  • – Stopanska banka Skopje
  • – Komercijalna banka
  • – Ohridska banka
  • – NLB Tutunska banka Skopje
  • – Kapital banka AD Skopje
  • – Prokredit Banka
  • – Uni banka
  • – Eurostandard banka
  • – Centralna kooperativna banka
  • – Stopanska banka – Bitola
  • – Halk banka
  • – Alfa Banka
  • – TTK banka
  • – Sparkase Banka
  • – Saving House “Moznosti”
  • – Saving House “Fulm”
  • – Toplifikacija AD Skopje
  • – EVN Makedonija AD Skopje
  • – ELEM AD Skopje
  • – JRP MRTV

The Notary Chamber and the Chamber of Enforcement Agents of the Republic of Macedonia joined the public call.

Pursuant to the Law on One-Off Writing Off Of Debts of Citizens, debts incurred as of 31st December 2013 inclusive, being unpaid for longer than 12 months, will be written off.

Right to one-off writing off of debts may be exercised by the beneficiaries of social pecuniary welfare or permanent pecuniary allowance, unemployed persons who have actively sought job for more then 12 months, as well as persons exposed to social risk due to death, disability or more severe disease.

Debts will be written off, all on the basis of consumed electricity, thermal energy, credit cards, overdrafts of transaction accounts and consumer credits, which are not being secured, as well as debts on the basis of broadcasting fee.

Interest, as well as costs for notaries public and enforcement officers, should be also written off. As regards the written-off debt, the creditors, i.e. the banks, EVN Toplifikacija (company for production and distribution of heat energy) will be entitled to tax credit in the amount of 10% of the written-off debt.

In the next period, agreement between the Ministry of Finance and creditors who expressed interest in participation will be signed, and there will be also public call for the citizens covered under the law to apply for participation therein.

Ministry of Finance expressed contentment with the interest shown by the creditors for inclusion in the process of writing-off of debts of the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

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