18th November 2018, Skopje – Budget of the Republic of Macedonia becomes even more accessible to the citizens through the web platform created by the winners at FinHackathon. As pointed out at the today’s press conference held at the Ministry of Finance, citizens will be just a click away from all information on budget revenues and expenditures. Thus, the Budget will be more accessible to the citizens.

– Citizens’ Budget of Macedonia is certainly the best not only in the region, but also broader. It clearly presents both budget revenues and expenditures, as well as gives a possibility to compare the amounts spent on the items through time. It also distinctly shows the share of certain expenditures in the Budget. Citizens thus obtain information on the allocation of budget funds, thus having better insight in their spending – Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, said.

As Director of the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development, Jovan Despotovski, pointed out, FinHackathon provided for young people to have a say in both the transparency and the efficiency of a complex public institution such as the Ministry of Finance. 

– Through initiatives like this, by introducing innovations in the private sector in practice, we want to have open and transparent institutions, as well as to render more efficient and better services to the citizens, Despotovski said.

Elena Andreeva, representative of the team that created the web application at FinHackathon, pointed out that the application was to make the Budget understandable to all. The application provides not only to look at the Budget figures, but it also gives explanation for all items, as well as comparison with the previous years, thus a clear picture of the Budget can be obtained.

Educational video have also been created for the Citizens’ Budget, which explain it in a simple manner.

– The videos and the web-application complement each other and give a clearer picture of the Budget. I would like to point out that what is good about that this application is that it does not cover only one Citizens’ Budget. It is rather a platform on which information from new budgets can be placed in future, Stefan Miteski, from the team that created the winning video at the FinHackathon, said.

Citizens’ Budget application is available in Macedonia, Albanian and English language.

You can find the Citizens’ Budget at http://budget.finance.gov.mk.

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