Skopje 12th April 2013 (MIA) – After 21 years, the Customs Administration has grown into an institution, being very proud for protecting the economic and financial interests of the country, citizens and the business, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stravreski said.


Before today’s marking of the 21st anniversary of the Customs Administration, Stavreski assessed that the institution is at very high, European level and we can be satisfied with its services.


– In the past years, the Customs Administration put many efforts to improve the quality of the operations through modernization, trainings, application of the most contemporary electronic methods for submitting documents, Stavreski pointed out.


According to the Director of the Customs Administration, Vanco Kargov, the Customs Administration, in 2012 as well, continued to implement the reforms and obligations, protect the fiscal interests of the state, protect the health and safety of people, ensure competitive economic climate and fulfill the requirements for accession to the EU.


– In 2012, the Customs Administration implemented large number of reforms in terms of human resources management, organization and logistics, as well in as regards the enhancement of the control systems and application of the laws, resulting in large number of efficient shares for confiscations of different type. It fully met its goals, however, being now even more obliged to continue with the same intensity in 2013 as well, Kargov pointed out.


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