Skopje, 20th February 2013 (MIA) – Municipality of Kisela Voda, supported by the central government, solved the long-standing problem with faecal sewerage for 40,000 inhabitants in Dracevo settlement. Wastewater pumping station was commissioned today, thus finalizing the project worth Denar 150 million.

Capital project for realizing a systemic solution for drainage of faecal waste water from the village, Dracevo settlement and Podstanica area commenced in 1982. From 2009 to 2012, sewerage was built on side streets, with a total length of around 5 kilometers, and a faecal sewer was also constructed. Six million denars were invested in the construction of primary, secondary and tertiary faecal sewerage, while the construction of the wastewater pumping station cost Denar 21.5 million. As regards the project, Government of the Republic of Macedonia extended a loan to the Municipality of Kisela Voda in the amount of Denar 15

– With joint efforts of the central and the local government, a promise made to the citizens of Dracevo has been realized, that being a construction of a wastewater pumping station and a complete faecal sewerage network, thus resolving the problem for 40,000 inhabitants, a problem that was a decade long since 1982. It is a pleasure to see that is it realizing and that, even in conditions of economic crisis, funds were provided by the municipality and from the Budget, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, said at the commissioning of the wastewater pumping station.

He believes the project creates conditions for environment protection and better life for the citizens, announcing that projects of interest to the citizens will continue to be realized.

Mayor of Municipality of Kisela Voda, Marjan Gorcev, said that this investment would not have been realized if the Government did not adopt decision to extend a loan to the Municipality of Kisela Voda, which is not a rich one, however, with a support by the Government, it managed to realize this project.

Minister of Transport and Communications, Mile Janakievski, and Mayor of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski, attended the commissioning of the wastewater pumping station.

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