Skopje, 29th June 2015 (MIA) – Inhabitants from Suto Orizari and one part of Skopje-Sever settlement will obtain new water supply system next year.  Therefore, construction of the new water supply system in Suto Orizari Municipality started today.

Commencement of the construction works was marked today by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski and the Mayors of both the City of Skopje and Suto Orizari Koce Trajanovski and Elvis Bajram.  

– Water supply-related issue is a decade-long problem of these inhabitants.  For many years backwards, the citizens have been struggling due to the frequent drinking water restriction, as a result of which constant actions had to be taken, by bringing water in tank trucks. This is the biggest problem of Suto Orizari, Gruevski said.

Total project value, as he said, amounts to around Denar 182 million or around EUR 3 million, making this Project one of the largest and most significant projects in the City of Skopje.

Prime Minister Gruevski pointed out that several projects have been implemented in Suto Orizari Municipality, such as new multipurpose sports ground, extension of two Primary Schools “Braka Ramiz i Hamid”, and “26 Juli”, construction of new Secondary School “Saiod Jusuf”, the new sports hall  that is to be built, etc.

He underlined that this Government is committed only to work.  – After one project is completed, another one is immediately lunched.  Only in this manner and with such pace, we will manage to do everything that was not done in the past, Gruevski said.

Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski explained the implementation of this Project which, as he said, was realized by joined efforts.

– Suto Orizari Municipality will obtain water supply system that will provide a safe drinking water to more than 20 thousands of inhabitants, thus resolving this decade-long issue once and for all, Stavreski said.

Mayor Trajanovski stressed that it was a matter of joint project of the City of Skopje, the Public Enterprise “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” and Suto Orizari Municipality.   

Newly planned water supply system will comprise construction of reservoir of 4,350 cubic meters in the vicinity of the existing reservoirs of the Public Enterprise “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” at “Gvadalahara” Street, pump station near the former factory of AD TIPO on “Slovenia” Boulevard and 2.3 km-long pipeline and profile of 500 millimeters, that will spread from the pump station up to the Streets “Suto Orizari”, “Vinicka”, “Ce Gevara”, “Plackovica” and “Butelski Venec”.  

Construction activities of the water supply system in Suto Orizari will be performed by the teams of the construction company “Hidrostroj JSC” from Bulgaria.

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