Skopje, 21st March 2013 (MIA) – Today, Ministry of Finance paid subsidies in the total amount of Denar 341 million to 13,041 farmers for support for maintaining vine plantations, production and sale of tobacco and production of gardening crops.

As Ministry of Finance announced, Denar 104 million out of these funds were paid to 4,679 vine-growers for maintaining the areas of vine plantations. Support amounts to Denar 40,000 per hectare.

Today, Denar 165 million were also paid to 3,263 tobacco growers, where funds were paid to primary tobacco producers of “Tutunski Kombinat Prilep” and "Centro Tabak". Subsidy amounts to Denar 60 per produced and sold kilogram of tobacco.

Denar 70 million was also paid to 5,099 farmers for produced gardening crops. Support for this type of agricultural crops ranges between Denar 6,000 to Denar 30,000 per hectare, depending on the crop.

– By regularly paying the subsidies as support to agriculture, Government of the Republic of Macedonia and Ministry of Finance remain committed to supporting one of the driving branches in Macedonian economy, Ministry of Finance’s press release stated.

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