Gevgelija, 4th July 2015 (MIA) – On Saturday, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski officially put into operation “Doka Tekstil” factory in the village of Miravci near Gevgelija, employing 70 workers at the moment. It is planned for number of factory workers to increase to 200 by the end of the year.

– The factory we see in front of us is an excellent example of the past and the present time – of the time when factories were closed and of present time when factories are opened. Just one year ago, this facility was a wrecked structure, going to rack and ruin as a result of the closure of the factory, which employed around 200 workers ten years ago, Prime Minister Gruevski said.

He underlined that businessman Toni Pandev, by using the advantages offered by the Government, purchased the old factory, refurbished it and 70 people work there now, pointing out that number of factory workers is planned to increase to 200 by the end of the year.

– I am very glad by the fact that the owner announced that he intends for at least half of the newly employed in the factory to be engaged through “Macedonia Employs” Project, Prime Minister Gruevski stated.

He emphasized that the Government put significant efforts in finding new owner for the ruined factory, providing for the workers to be employed again and for the region to revive.

– We may say that the mission is successful. Today, the factory has a new owner, it has been fully reconstructed, new machines are purchased and 70 people are already working in the factory. I am exceptionally pleased that the owner makes use of “Macedonia Employs” Project and part of the new employees are engaged through this particular project, Gruevski said.

This, as he said, shows that the Project is right and proper, and it is intended precisely for those who need it – the employers and the unemployed. He underlined that the Government would continue supporting all those who want to open new factories and to employ people, adding that the Government equally supports both the domestic and the foreign investors.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, said that opening of the factory in Miravci would provide for a better life of 200 families in the vicinity.

– Our objective and mission is to provide for a better life of the citizens, and today’s commissioning of the factory shows we are doing it successfully, Stavreski said.

He underlined that Miravci and Rabrovo industrial zone employ 550 persons.

– This speaks of the businessmen using the good policies the Government implements regarding the improvement of the business climate, as well as “Macedonia Employs” Project they make use of to employ people, Stavreski stated.

Mayor of Gevgelija, Ivan Frangov, pointed out that they strived, for ten and so years, for this facility to become factory again and for people to be employed there. He underlined that the facility had been initially built in the 80’s, employing 300 workers, while in 2004, it was abandoned, going to rack and ruin.

Owner of “Doka Tekstil”, Toni Pandev, said he started the business ten years ago, employing only 30 workers. Since then, the business is continuously expanding and people are being employed. Whole production of his company, as he said, is intended to be exported to the EU, while small portion of it will be exported to Russia. The company, he went on, started expanding when he commenced cooperating with his Greek colleague Dimitris Papaioannou, General Manager of “Dins” Textile Group.

He emphasized that this is his fourth textile facility. The first three are located in Rabrovo industrial zone.

He pointed out that he purchased the factory at a low price last year at an auction organized by the Ministry of Finance, and he invested EUR 350,000 to fully renovate it.

Prime Minister also visited the hall under construction in “Kliment Ohridski” primary school in Miravci, which is to be completed by the end of October this year. Denar 24 million is allocated for its construction.

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