Public consultation for draft Economic Reform Programme 2020 – 2022


We are glad to present you the Chapter 5 Structural Reforms in 2020 – 2022 from the draft Economic Reform Program 2020 – 2022 (ERP 2020), which the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia would submit to the European Commission at 31 Jan. 2020, the latest.

By regular preparation of the ERP, the Government of The Republic of North Macedonia joined the approach of the European Commission for supporting the growth and competitiveness through economic governess as a key pillar in accession process, in order to provide better reporting for national economic policy plans, including the needs for structural reforms.

The draft ERP 2020 is prepared through established national consultation process, centrally coordinated by the Ministry of Finance and supported by CEF expert assistance and assistance provided through TAIEX instrument, financially supported by EU. The document closely follows the instructions of the Guidance for Economic Reform Programs issued by EC in June 2019.

Having in mind the significance of the document and the need for high quality preparation, we undertake the public consultation process with broad involvement of the stakeholders. Therefore, we invite the business community, universities, local authorities, social partners, civil society and all other stakeholders for active contribution in document preparation process.

Please submit your comments and proposals in written no later than 20 Dec. 2019 the latest, at the following e-mail addresses:  National ERP Coordinator

Economic Reform Program 2020-2022

Guidance for the Economic Reform Programmes

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