2nd July 2019, Zelino – More than 300 children in Zelino Municipality will be provided better educational conditions, through school reconstruction in Palatica Village, while local population will obtain better infrastructure by reconstructing local road sections Grupcin and Novo Selo. Under the Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP, implemented by the Ministry of Finance with World Bank support, Denar 21 million has been allocated to Zelino Municipality, intended for implementing these projects.


Today, Deputy Minister of Finance Shiret Elezi and the Mayor of Zelino Municipality Blerim Sejdiu, checked the progress of the project realization. Deputy Minister Elezi, when visiting the School “Fan Noli” in Palatica, underlined that Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP is aimed at providing better conditions for all, regardless of whether they live in urban or rural area.

-Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP, 300 children going in the primary school in Palatica, Zelino Municipality, will be provided better educational conditions, i.e. they will obtain school which will be equipped with new school furniture, where the roof does not sink, and where it will be warm in the winter. This means a lot for the local population, because it resolves real problems, creating realistically better living conditions for the citizens – Elezi said.

Under the Project, local road sections near Grupcin and Novo Selo will be reconstructed with a total length of around 3 kilometers. Reconstruction of these road sections will provide for improving the connection with Tetovo and Skopje.


Mayor of Zelino, Sejdiju, stressed that the municipality participates in co-financing the projects with around Denar 10 million, as well as that the support through the Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP is of great significance for its municipality. He underlined that by realizing these projects, the educational conditions will also be improved, as well as the local infrastructure.

Otherwise, Municipal Services Improvement Project – MSIP is implemented by the Ministry of Finance with support of the World Bank and the European Commission. It comprises financial support for the municipalities, aimed at realizing capital projects such as: reconstruction and construction of roads, schools and kindergartens, procurement of machinery for the municipalities, construction of utility infrastructure and other capital projects. The goal is to improve the living conditions for all citizens in the country by making investments in the municipalities.


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