25 of June 2018, Skopje –  By acquiring the status of an authorized economic operator (AEO) the companies will become globally recognizable as credible business partners, Deputy Minister of Finance, Shiret Elezi, said at today’s event at which the Customs Administration promoted the AEO concept before the business community.

– Acquiring the status of an authorized economic operator means certification of a company as a reliable and secure and safe partner to the Customs Administration and reliable and secure and safe partner in both the international and the regional supply chain. On the other hand, by establishing a successful concept of authorized economic operator, Republic of Macedonia sends a positive signal as a country in the international community. Once you acquire the status of an authorized economic operator, you become recognizable in the international community as a credible business partner, Deputy Minister of Finance said.

Director of the Customs Administration, Goko Tanasovski, pointed out that AEO was a key activity envisaged in the Multi-Annual Action Plan for Regional Economic Area in the Western Balkans, adopted at the Summit held in Trieste. Thereby, he called upon the companies to acquire the status of an authorized economic operator so as to be able to be included in the regional supply chain within CEFTA and to use both the benefits and the advantages arising therefrom.

– Considering the existing global environment, global trading transactions are mostly dependent on the network of global supply chains. Clearance of goods in cross-border trade is of exceptional importance for improvement of competitiveness of both the exporters and the importers. Hence, each state strives for introducing an Authorized Economic Operator Program in order to promote security of consignments imported or exported, as well as to accelerate the movement of consignments, he said.

Edward Gonzales, USAID General Development Office Director, expressed his belief that simplified, faster and cheaper cross-border procedures provided to the companies having acquired the AEO status would ensure additional competitive advantage and would open new business opportunities.

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