22nd July 2019, Skopje – Citizens show great interest in privatization of state-owned land, following last year, when new opportunity was given to submit applications, Deputy Minister of Finance, Shiret Elezi, pointed out at the meeting held today with the Director of Property and Legal Affairs Office, Shasine Kasami. More than 9,000 applications were submitted in this period, and resolving of all submitted cases is also sped up, adopting around 11,400 new decisions.

Deputy Minister Elezi said that the new deadline by the end of 2021 to submit privatization applications was aimed at meeting the needs of the citizens who could not privatize the land following the expiry of the 2014 deadline.

-When Ministry of Finance was preparing the amendments, it took citizens’ demands into account. In fact, there were reactions by the citizens, such as those living abroad, as well as citizens in the country, who did not manage to submit their applications by the deadline in 2014. Therefore, the deadline is extended by the end of 2021 under a legal solution. According to the data and the new applications submitted to the Property and Legal Affairs Office, citizens’ interest is evident, therefore, the deadline extension is justified, Elezi said, also pointing out that good dynamics in resolving the submitted cases was the most important.

Director Kasami said that resolving of all submitted cases, both the newly submitted and the old ones, was also sped up. More than three quarters of the total 232,000 submitted cases were resolved.

Web platform privatizacija.gov.mk has been prepared so as for the citizens to be able to track the stage their cases are in, i.e. to know the progress of their application processing at any moment. At the moment, only 2018 and 2019 privatization cases are available in the system. Procedure is ongoing for the old cases to be also entered into and available in the system, with a tendency for all old cases under procedure to be entered into the system in the course of the next year.

-privatizacija.finance.gov.mk portal, enabling to check the case status, is easy to use. All one needs is the archive number of the case, the year of submission, the cadastre lot and the municipality where it is submitted or personal identification number/tax identification number. The software sends information on the case status by e-mail. The portal is only one of the steps Property and Legal Affairs Office undertakes so as to be an efficient and modern institution, oriented towards the citizens and the companies. We will strive for improvement, introduction of other novelties, participation in other projects, all to the end of more efficient and faster resolving of both citizens and companies’ applications, Kasami said.


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