Prilep, 7th November 2012 (MIA) – First stage of the construction of the boulevard, long 800 meters, at the entrance in Prilep, at “Luk Oil” gas station, commenced today. It is a project worth Denar 30 million, funds from World Bank credit for infrastructure-related activities in the municipalities realized through the Ministry of Finance.

– To build means to create something new, better, to improve the life of the citizens. Government will support all major infrastructure-related activities in Prilep. It is exactly why we are here today, to commence the activities for the new entrance road in Prilep, a new avenue, thus continuing the activities aimed at improvement of the living conditions of the citizens, businessmen, all those using the road arteries. This adds to the many projects being realized in Prilep in the past years, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, pointed out.

To build, he went on, one needs a vision, creativity, as well as realization.

– Prilep has the exact combination of these elements. Government will always have understanding and provide financial support to the municipality in order for all major infrastructure projects to be realized. There will be roads, new playgrounds, assistance for water supply system and sewerage, there will be funds for each vision the city has, Stavreski said.

According to the Finance Minister, conditions for job creation are even more important for Prilep citizens.

– That is why it is important to establish and nurture partnership relations with the business community, infrastructure conditions for the ideas of businessmen to invest in and create jobs. I am pleased that one of the most significant projects – “Prilep 1” industrial zone – is realized during the past months. There will be second and third stage and there will be not only 20, but rather one hundred and so locations, and thousands of Prilep citizens will find jobs. This is what I also expect with the two factories to be opened in Bitola and Kavadarci, with total of 6,500 workers, and jobs will be also created for the citizens from Prilep, Stavreski underlined.

The Government, he underlined, will not stop the activities for the construction of free zone in Prilep.

– Crown of our efforts is to bring investments in Prilep as well. Out of around Denar 400 million allocated for free economic zones next year, there will be sufficient funds to commence the activities in the free economic zone in Prilep, Stavreski pointed out.

As Minister of Transport and Communications, Mile Janakievski, underlined, in the past three years, local authorities, together with the Ministry, realized the activities related to eight local roads to the larger inhabited areas in the municipality. It means reconstruction and construction of 30 km local road network.

– Two local roads are being built at the moment, and additional two will be completed by March-April next year. 43 km local road network will be built in four year, Janakievski said, reiterating the reconstruction of the regional road sections Prilep – Makedonski Brod and Prilep – Krivogastani.

Final solution for the water supply in Prilep is in the final stage, he added. Ten new wells will become operational by the end of the year. Wells will supply 100 and so liters of water per second and the city will not depend on Strudencica spring.

Talking about the construction of the boulevard, city mayor, Marjan Risteski, said that Prilep would obtain a modern arranged entrance, worthy of the European cities, practical for all participants in the traffic.

– We expect for this stage to be completed in around five months. Second stage will follow afterwards, up to the junction at former “Solidarnost” ready-made clothing facility, and the city will use the funds from the new tranche from the World Bank, Risteski said.

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