27th November 2019, Skopje – Wastewater Treatment will be permanently resolved by the City of Skopje by building waste water treatment plant, thus reducing the pollution of Vardar River and raising standards for environmental protection. During its last session, the Government adopted the laws on financing the projects, submitting them to the Parliament.

Public Enterprise “Water Supply and Sewerage” – Skopje will be Project Implementing Agency, in cooperation the City of Skopje, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and Ministry of Finance. Construction of wastewater treatment plant should commence in 2020.

For the purpose of realizing this major infrastructure activity, EUR 68 million has been provided from the European Investment Bank (EIB), EUR 58 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), as well as grant funds from EIB through the Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI) in the amount of EUR 10 million, or total of EUR 136 million. Government will undertake activities in cooperation with EIB and EBRD for providing additional grant funds for investments in this Projects, so as to reduce the loan amounts.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant will be located in Gazi Baba Municipality, on the left bank of Vardar River in Trubarevo area, which will serve more than 500, 000 inhabitants. This environmental project will provide for treatment of urban wastewater in line with the EU Standards.  Preparation of the Feasibility Study for the Wastewater Treatment Plant – Skopje was financed by the Government of the Republic of France.

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