Skopje, 21st December 2012 (MIA) – Following the two accepted proposals given by Veljanoski to unblock the Budget and following the acceptance of the record 44 amendments by the Vice Prime Minister Stavreski, proposals which SDSM rejected, the Government, on Friday, again gave proposal, envisaging for the cheap funds from the World Bank not to be used until the local elections are held.


Today, we want to suggest one more thing, since despite that SDSM prevents the Budget adoption, it also hinders the Budget financing, i.e. taking of the cheap funds from the World Bank, being necessary for financing the 2013 Budget. Thereby, they presented falsehoods that they will be used prior to the elections for other purposes and similar. In order to persuade SDSM that these funds are not intended therefore, but rather for financing the Budget and that even if there were no local elections, Republic of Macedonia should have taken these funds, and in order not to lose these funds, since they are granted under exceptionally favourable conditions with only 0.6% interest for the first US$ 50 million and 3.9% interest for the second EUR 250 million, today, we offer SDSM for EUR 250 million to be deposited on special account within the National Bank. The Financing Agreement to be enacted in the Parliament, if SDSM agrees, stipulate that these funds cannot be used until the completion of the elections, except for repayment of liabilities towards abroad, including the Eurobond as well. We are ready to agree that these funds will not be used for other purposes except for repayment of liabilities towards abroad, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said following the meeting of the leaders of the Coalition “For Better Macedonia”.


He went on that this is yet another step forward and another real precise and constructive proposal by the Government given to SDSM, if they really want for agreement to be reached, i.e. if they really want to free the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia from being held hostage. He appealed to common sense for exiting the occurred situation.


When asked he pointed out that all these steps are made so as to adopt the Budget within the set deadline, i.e. by 31st December.


– It would be a really big defeat for the Republic of Macedonia if it fails to observe the deadline by 31st December, since the non-acceptance of these constructive proposals will be harmful for both all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and the country since if these cheap funds from the World Bank are not taken, we will have to pay additional EUR 84 million at least for a loan from other sources and thus the international rating of Macedonia will be undermined. However, what is most important is that those that will suffer the most will be the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, i.e. those expecting resolution, pensioners, businessmen, military, cultural and social workers and all those related to the timely Budget adoption, Stavreski said.


When asked whether the Government is willing to accept possible new amendments to the Budget that would be submitted by the Financing and Budget Commission, Minister of Finance pointed once again the Government’s attitude.

– We gave our opinion. 44 amendments have not been accepted In the last 20 years in Macedonia. In a year, we are accepting 44 amendments in the amount of EUR 3 million. If someone wants to make a deal, there is really a room therefore. I believe that offer many constructive solutions and SDMS should give up the ultimatum position, which is a blackmail rather than a discussion, Stavreski stressed.

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