Düsseldorf 26th February 2014 (MIA) – Development of economy and unemployment reduction, by attracting foreign investments, which will create new jobs, is the main challenge of the Government, to which the active participation of Macedonian Diaspora will significantly contribute thereto.

This was told by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski when meeting Macedonian emigrants in Düsseldorf, where he asked for their support in this process.

– What is exceptionally important for our country is for our citizens, our population, Macedonians and all people from the other ethnic communities living in Macedonia, to be employed as soon as possible, and for those already employed to have more opportunities for higher salaries, Prime Minister said, adding that this Government is economically and friendly oriented towards the business and that it is surely a Government, which takes care of the state and national interests.

By pointing out that so far, there have been good examples of major investments, which showed that Macedonian economy has high-quality potential, being competitive as well, he said that the Government is focused on providing investment development, growth of economy and trade development through specific projects, new roads, energy development and investments in the education, being a permanent value and investment in young people, which will also mean better life and higher living standard of citizens.

Prime Minister Gruevski stressed that the Government, despite all challenges, remains to be determined and committed to the economic progress.

During the meeting, Prime Minister also pointed out that the Government fulfills the promises it makes, also showing that by having a sincere relation, it may both keep in touch and be close with the country’s emigrants.

– We are the first Government, which paid much more attention to our citizens who emigrated from Macedonia due to different reasons, establishing much closer communication with them. We made this through several steps and actions, which we promised and realized in the past period, among which is the possibility for all those who due to different reasons emigrated from Macedonia, to be able to vote in the diplomatic and consular representative offices of Macedonia, which has never been allowed before, in my opinion, due to the behaviour of the previous authorities in Macedonia with our Diaspora, Prime Minister Gruevski said before Macedonian emigrants in Düsseldorf.

He invited them, in the place where they work and live, to be actively involved in the promotion of the potential and advantages the Republic of Macedonia offers in the field of economy and investment development.

Prime Minister Gruevski together with the government economic team will present the investment opportunities before the business community in Düsseldorf.  

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