Teohar Neskov performed the function of a finance delegate in the Government of the Krusevo Republic.


During the ten-day existence of the Krusevo Republic, from 2nd to 12th August 1903, Teohar Neskov was in charge of financial affairs.


Unfortunately, there is little data on this person, except for the tragic ending of his life.


In fact, following the bloody quashing of the First Republic on the Balkans and the entry of the Turks in Krusevo, he decided to stay in the city and hid in the basemen of his brother’s house.


The night, on 12th August 1903, Turkish army conquered the city, followed by terror, looting and setting the city on fire.


Tragic destiny befell Teohar Neskov, the first finance delegate in the modern Macedonian history.







Bogoja Fotev (1900 – 1993) was elected as member of ANLAM Presidium on the First Session of the Antifascist National-Liberation Assembly of Macedonia (ANLAM), held on 2nd August 1944, as well as finance delegate.


The Delegate Board established the Macedonian state treasury and 80 million Bulgarian levs were deposited, which were confiscated from banks in Bitola, Prilep and other cities.


Soon after the final liberation of the country, Finance Delegate Board faced the task of finding new sources of financial resources. Two proposals were given to the Presidium:

  • taxation on people who realized revenues during the war in proportion to the profit earned and

  • export of 6000 tons of Macedonian tobacco, confiscated from the monopoly warehouses at the end of the war.

Finance Delegate Board implemented only the proposal, while regarding the second one, the Presidium decided for the tobacco to be sent to Belgrade.


This Finance Delegate Board operated by the election of the first Government of Macedonia, which the National Assembly of People’s Republic of Macedonia voted on 16th April 1945.


That Government did not have Ministry of Finance, but issues related to finance were rather performed by the Ministry of Trade and Supply, headed by Tode Nospal as Minister.


On 17th April 1946, Blagoj Fotev was elected President of the Presidium of the National Assembly of People’s Republic of Macedonia, replacing Metodija Andonov – Cento.


In 1948, during the Resolution of the Information Bureau, i.e. the political clash between SFRY and USSR, Bogoja Fotev opted for the non-dominant political option, withdrawing from the public political life. He returned to Bistrica Village, near Bitola, where he worked as a farmer, and lived to a ripe old age.

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