Prilep, 17th March 2016 (MIA) Under the Young Individuals and Couples Housing Project, an unique opportunity is offered for supporting the young individuals up to 35 years to buy their own home. Support is extended in the first years, when the funds are most needed, an opportunity offered once in a lifetime, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski said before the present citizens of Prilep at the promotion of this Government Project.

He stressed that during the discussions with the citizens about theBuy a House, Buy a FlatProject, they concluded that there was need to create a new Project, which will help the young individuals to buy their own home.

During the discussions with the young population, we figured out that there is a need for new Project intended for helping the young individuals, who at the beginning of their career, they have no savings. We offered this Young Individuals and Couples Housing Project, thus improving the requirements, Stavreski said.

Young people up to 35 years can receive a great support by the Government during the 11-year repayment period of the housing loan. There are two models available.

As for the first model, during the first eight years, the Government will subsidize 80% of the installment, the principal and the interests. During the next three years, the Government will subsidize 50% of the monthly installment. As for the second option, in case if someone has no sufficient funds to be extended a housing loan by the bank, his/her participation will be subsidized by the Government, while the remaining funds will be repaid by the applicant, Stavreski explained.

According to him, such opportunity is offered once in a lifetime, also pointing out that there was not any such Government support in the past 50 years. If the Government’s support is summed up, its amount reaches approximately EUR 33,000 during the last 11 years, Stavreski pointed out.
Mayor of Prilep, Marjan Risteski said that the municipality has 370 lots available.

As for “Gradina” settlement, at the former greenhouses, there are 370 lots the young individuals may use through the Government’s Young Individuals and Couples Housing Project, thus using the advantages offered under the Project. Prilep supports all possibilities the country offer, being aimed at improving the life of citizens, particularly the young individuals, Risteski said.

Young Individuals and Couples Housing Project was also presented to the young individuals in Krusevo and Makedonski Brod. As for Krusevo, 40 lots have been offered, while 130 lots have been offered in Makedonski Brod.

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