Skopje, 10th November 2012 (MIA) – In future, the accountants will organize their work through an Institute. Training and exams will be carried out, certificates and license will be issued and the operations of the accountants will be controlled through this body.


On Saturday, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski awarded accountant certificates, announcing the future activities of the Institute of Accountants and Chartered Accountants following its Founding Meeting.

By establishing the Institute, the legal obligations of the Ministry of Finance, being related to the professional organization and operations of the accountants, cease.

From now on, you as accountants and chartered accountants are to face significant and comprehensive obligations – registration of the Institute, selection of Management Board and committees, establishment of branch offices, introduction of Registries, trainings and exams, issuance of certificates and licenses, carrying out controls, etc, Vice Prime Minister Stavreski said at the ceremony held in the Government building.

He invited accountants to be actively involved in the operations of the Institute and to contribute to its successful work and building the Institute into distinguished professional association.

Ministry of Finance, as he said, remains open for future cooperation aimed at establishing expert, transparent, professional and responsible accounting.

Stavreski informed that by 6th November, total of 2,142 requests for certificates were submitted to the Ministry of Finance. As of today inclusive, the Ministry has issued 645 certificates, and additional 417 requests have been processed, for which certificates are being prepared and they will be submitted to the applicants in the coming days. These figures, according to Stavreski, show that the interest in obtaining certificates increases, thus intensifying the dynamics for their issuance.

During the Founding Meeting of the Institute, decision for establishment and statute have been adopted and President and members of the Supervisory Board have been elected. All decisions of the Founding Meeting were adopted by acclamation.

– This speaks in favour that the professional gathering and organization of accountants is their need and interest, Vice Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski assessed.

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