Skopje, 27th October 2011 (MIA) – Macedonia continues to create improved business climate, shortening all deadlines, reducing costs and eliminating barriers to its entrepreneurs, Sofia “Dnevnik” newspaper says in the analysis why Bulgaria is lagging behind according to the Doing Business Report of the World Bank, taking our country, among other countries, as a benchmark.


– In the last four years, Bulgaria lagged behind by 14 places, while neighbouring Macedonia climbed up the leader by 47 places, being at the 22nd place on the general ranking in this year’s Doing Business Report and being announced as one of the top reformers in the ease of doing business. While Macedonia continues to create improved business climate, by shortening all deadlines, reducing costs and eliminating barriers to its entrepreneurs, problematic areas in Bulgaria continue to create serious barriers to anyone who starts a business. As this year’s rating shows, most serious are the difficulties when businesses have to directly contact the administration, “Dnevnik” writes.


Dealing with construction permits in Bulgaria has become a synonym for a difficult procedure and numerous cases of bribery. Another problematic indicator is “getting electricity”, however, there are indicators showing that the country has moved forward. As regards “getting credit”, the country has kept last year’s eight place. Second highest place is with respect to “starting a business”, however, the country is positioned at the 49th place.


– If we use the case of Macedonia again, we will see that there is no minimum capital to start a business, while administration services are offered to a large extent through “one-stop-shop” system, positioning the country at the sixth place on the world ranking, it was said in the analysis.


This year’s issue of the doing business index shows again that it is the administration, rather than the crisis, that is the biggest handicap for doing business in Bulgaria.


– Comparison with Macedonia is not incidental and the example our western neighbor gives, clearly shows that Bulgaria can also move forward fast with bold reforms and political will. Most important changes need to be made in the development of e-Government, streamlining the registration procedures, licensing and issuing decision, introducing transparent rules, as well as silent consent, “Dnevnik” added.


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