Washington, 11th October 2010 (MIA) – Macedonian delegation headed by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski, is coming back in upbeat mood from WB/IMF Annual Meetings after having agreed on around EUR 600 million support for the Macedonian economy in the next four years.


– Macedonia was welcomed by IMF and WB, and both institutions expressed satisfaction from the quality of the economic policies, as well as from the performance achieved in times of crisis, i.e. the economy recovery and the stability maintenance. What is very important is that both institutions expressed readiness to help Macedonia in the coming period to exit the crisis sooner, recover its economy and achieve higher economic growth. Thus, what is especially significant is that both institutions, during their talks, promised to help Macedonia with EUR 600 million, EUR 400 million out of which to be extended from the IMF, and between EUR 150 and EUR 200 million from the WB, depending on the projects to be agreed, Vice Prime Minister Stavreski said.


As regards IMF, the Minister pointed out the offered possibility for the Republic of Macedonia to be the first country to obtain so-called open credit line, extended by the Fund to countries, which, as he says, have strong and sound economic policies, thus verifying their quality.


– In the coming period, we should discuss details about this credit line with the experts and the businessmen as whether it is in Macedonia’s benefit to receive such credit line at this point of time, Vice Prime Minister pointed out.


Talks with WB focused on defining credits and projects to be financed in the first year, whereby energy projects will be given priority. – This included the energy project for the long-distance power-line towards Serbia and the US& 30 million budget support, as well as one smaller insurance project. In the coming period, they have already expressed readiness to finance Lukovo Pole Dam and we will start to prepare the whole documentation so as to implement that Project sooner, Stavreski said announcing other projects as well.


He also referred to the talks with the International Financial Corporation for their enhanced participation in the private sector.


– I am pleased with Macedonia’s reception and the preparedness expressed by the largest financial institutions to be its partner in the next several years for the benefit of Macedonian economy and citizens, Stavreski underlined.


Macedonian delegation at IMF/WB Annual Meetings also comprises the Vice Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski and Deputy Minister of Economy Metodij Hagi-Vaskov.


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