Skopje, 4th June 2012 (MIA) – Today, Ministry of Finance paid annual installment on the basis of denationalization bonds (I to X issue).


As the Ministry announced, Denar 1,420,887,582 was paid, Denar 1,292,305,697.50 out of which as principal, and Denar 128,581,884.50 as interest.


Payment made today includes full payment of the first issue of denationalization bonds, issued in June 2002.


– Today’s payments are one more confirmation of the commitment of the Ministry of Finance for regular and timely servicing of all due liabilities to the citizens and the economy. Such payments will also contribute to improving the liquidity in the economy, taking into account the fact that around Denar 1 billion is transferred to the accounts of legal entities – holders of these bonds, the press release stated.


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