1. What is a development bond for citizens?
  • Development bond for citizens is a government security exclusively intended for the citizens – nationals of the Republic of North Macedonia.When you as citizens purchase a bond issued by the government, you invest certain amount of funds in the country for a certain period of time equaling the bond’s maturity, with the government repaying the invested amount on the bond’s maturity date. The respective bond also earns annual fixed interest.
  1. How is interest calculated?
  • Coupon interest rate on 2-year development bond for citizens is 5.00% and is paid once a year.For instance: If you invest Denar 100,000 in development bonds for citizens, the coupon interest at the end of the first year will amount to Denar 5,000.At the end of the second year, the second coupon interest in the amount of Denar 5,000 will be paid, as well as the principal of Denar 100,000 (invested amount), or total of Denar 10,000 interest for Denar 100,000 investment for 2 years.
  1. What is the minimum amount to purchase a development bond for citizens?
  • Minimum nominal amount of a development bond for citizens is Denar 10,000.
  1. How can I purchase a development bond for citizens?
  • You can purchase a development bond for citizens if you are a national of the Republic of North Macedonia.By visiting one of the commercial banks in the country, filling in an application for participation in the auction and making a payment in the amount you intend to invest.
  1. Where can I find information about the development bond for citizens?
  • On its website, Ministry of Finance makes pre-announcement of a Prospectus for Development Bonds for Citizens, including all information necessary for the upcoming auction. Visit Ministry of Finance website to obtain the information about the auction of development bonds for citizens:
  1. “Departments” in the main menu
  2. “Public Finance” sub-menu in the dropdown menu
  • “International Financial Relations and Public Debt Management” sub-menu
  1. “Government Securities” sub-menu


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