Skopje, 13th January 2014 (MIA) – Second drawing of the prize game “Fiscal receipts in hand, rewards without hassle” will be carried out on 27th January. All fiscal receipts issued after 15th November, when the prize game started, take part, and they can be sent by post at a half price, i.e. by Denar eight per envelope. Therefore, Macedonian posts prepared stamps precisely for the prize game, which were put into circulation today and which amount to Denar 8.

– Thus, citizens may be able to send the envelopes at twice lower price, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski said at the promotion of the new postal stamps and he expects for most of the envelopes to be sent by post.

He expects for the great interest in the prize game to continue, thus contributing to improvement of the fiscal discipline, construction of schools, hospitals and everything that is financed from the Budget.

In addition to the post, point for sending the envelopes will be set for the second drawing as well, and as the Deputy Prime Minister informed, there are ongoing discussions about setting point in the larger city malls and supermarkets not only in Skopje but also in the other towns in the country.

According to the General Manager of Makedonski posti (Macedonian Posts) Rafis Aliti, the decision for issuing stamps is aimed at successful realization of the prize game. He pointed out that over 300,000 envelopes for the prize game for the first drawing were sent by post.

Main prize in the second drawing is Volkswagen Polo car, and there are also 150 pecuniary prizes from Denar 1,000 to Denar 60,000. Citizens can send the envelopes by 26th January at midnight.

Prize game started on 1st December and the first drawing was held on 30th December when flat and a shop in Skopje were the main prize. There will be total of nine drawings.

State Lottery of the Republic of Macedonia is organizes of the prize game “Fiscal receipts in hand, rewards without hassle”, under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance.

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