New Integrated System for Public Procurement enables e-procurement, implements paperless environment and provides greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness of public procedure procedures.


This system, promoted today by the Public Procurement Bureau, enables the contracting authorities and the business community to electronically carry out and participate in public procurement procedures, and the public is given insight, in a transparent manner, on how public funds are spent.


New electronic system integrates the previous two electronic systems: the IT system for publication of contract notices and award notices and the e-procurement system. The system is put in operation since the beginning of this year and it keeps the functionalities of both systems. Its application is expected to lead to savings of up to 10% of budget funds this year envisaged for public procurement or around EUR 20 to EUR 40 million a year.


Target for this year is 30% of public procurement procedures to be finished with e-auction. According to Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, application of the e-procurement system is an important tool and a sound instrument in the fight against corruption and bureaucracy, and it will also provide for a transparent system of carrying out public procurement procedures. – The electronic system for public procurement provides for the whole procedure to be carried out electronically. Thus, both human and subjective factors are eliminated in all stages of the procedure, whenever possible, by applying modern technologies. By computerizing the processes and the procedures, bureaucracy is significantly reduced and efficiency of Government operations is increased, Stavreski said.


He added that electronic system of the Public Procurement Bureau is a Macedonian product developed with its own potential and knowledge, and it keeps step with the most modern systems in Europe.


– I think Macedonia is a leader in this respect and some countries, such as Croatia and Serbia, have already shown interest in our experience in the field of public procurement, Stavreski said.


US Ambassador, Philip Reeker, who attended the promotion event, said that public procurement, which cover almost one third of every state budget, has to be carried out in an efficient and transparent manner so as to ensure fair play for all companies.(MIA)

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