8th March 2019, Gurgurnica – New school was built for around 200 pupils in Gurgurnica village, Brvenica Municipality through the Municipal Services Improvement Project of the Ministry of Finance, realized with support by the World Bank and the European Union.

Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski, Head of EU Delegation to Macedonia, Samuel Žbogar and World Bank representative Bekim Imeri today visited the Primary School “Goce Delcev” in Gurgurnica. They were accompanied by Minister of Education and Science Arber Ademi, Deputy Minister of Finance Siret Elezi and the Mayor of Brvenica Municipality, Enver Pajaziti.

Value of the new school amounts to Denar 46 million. EUR 45.5 million has been provided through MISP, Denar 16 million out of which are grants from the IPA funds, while the rest is loan under exceptionally favourable conditions, 0.4% interest rate with 13-year repayment period and 3-year grace period.

– Quality education is one of the main preconditions for faster and sustainable economic development. Appropriate conditions for the pupils, as well as the teachers are necessary so as to achieve that. This school, being built with financial support from the EU and the World Bank reflects our commitment as a Government to achieve the European standards in this field as well. Thus, we will enable the pupils to get prepared for the next stages of their education and choose the right profession for them – Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski said.

Žbogar pointed out that by building the new school, the teaching conditions for children from Gurgurnica have been significantly improved.

-This project may be a small one, but its impact is huge for the pupils from Gurgurnica. They have now a school where the roof does not sink, the walls are not cold during the harsh winters, and the toilets are not outside the school. What the children need is an adequate space where they will spend their school days and develop their potential and self-confidence – EU Ambassador Žbogar said.

World Bank representative Bekim Imeri said that improvement of school infrastructure and the municipal capacities for ensuring high-quality learning environment will contribute to improving the educational outcomes, which will lead to improving the human capital in the country in the long run.

The total usable area of ​​the school is about 840 square meters, and beside the classrooms and the laboratory, there are also administrative and accompanying rooms, as well as sanitary knots. The building has been designed on the basis of energy efficiency principles, meeting the modern work requirements: the rooms are naturally ventilated and illuminated with windows, the stairs, i.e. the hallway is also naturally ventilated and illuminated with windows.

MSIP provides the municipalities in our country with favourable loans for capital and infrastructure investments. Project is funded with loans from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development – World Bank and EU grant administered by the World Bank.

-Total value of the Project amounts to EUR 81.1 million. Thus  Project has so-fat supported capital municipal projects such as water supply, sewerage and waste water collection, energy efficiency  (street lighting, insulation of municipal facilities and similar), local road infrastructure (modernization and reconstruction of streets and roads), utility services (procurement of vehicles for public utility enterprises), as well as other municipal services and competences (construction of kindergartens, green markets, infrastructure in industrial zone, and similar).


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