Strumica, 29th August 2015 (MIA) – New modern police station facility in Strumica is going to be built on the location of the old building in 10 months, to accommodate regional offices of several institutions. The Project is worth EUR 1.1 million, funds provided from the state Budget.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski attended the commencement of the reconstruction and extension works of the building, saying that strong, modern and efficient state institutions which can fully fulfill their roles and be leaders of country’s development are one of the main goals and priorities of the Government.

Unfortunately, as he underlined, large number of state institutions moved from one place to another years back, they worked in improvised conditions, while the state and the citizens allocated huge amount of funds for facility rentals.

– None has benefited, except for those whom the institutions paid high rents for years. The state was losing, the institutions were losing, the citizens were losing, the whole process of modernizing and optimizing the functioning of state bodies was losing.  That is why this Government has approached resolving this serious problem in a thorough and systematic manner. To that end, over the past years, we built new building of the Criminal Court of the Republic of Macedonia, the Basic and the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Macedonia, new building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and Ministry of Finance. We have built many schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, … , Prime Minister Gruevski said.

He underlined that today’s beginning of the full reconstruction of the old police station building in Strumica is aimed at resolving the problems the state institutions face, the Government allocating EUR 1.1 million thereto.

– After the reconstruction is completed, the building will accommodate several institutions, available to the citizens of Strumica, such as the regional offices of the Property and Legal Affairs Office, Public Revenue Office, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and Birth, Death and Marriage Registry Office.  All these institutions will be located at one place, hence it would be much easier and convenient for the citizens when they are in a need to obtain the necessary documents, Gruevski said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, underlined that the project for reconstruction and extension of the old police station building, to be owned by the Ministry of Finance, was upon initiative of a large number of Strumica citizens and it was a fulfillment of the promises made at the elections.

The facility, as he said, will not only restore the glamour of this part of Strumica, but it will also provide for improvement of the working conditions for the employees and proper functioning of the one-stop shop system.

– This facility is also of importance to 130 employees who will work in this modern building, built according to the highest energy efficiency standards, providing for a good working space to increase their motivation, which is an important factor in improving the service quality, Stavreski said.

Prime Minister Gruevski also met the residents of Kuklis, who welcomed the construction of the irrigations system which, as they said, would contribute to better harvests and lower costs.

Kuklis residents also welcomed the decision on farmers’ pensions with the adoption of the Law, recognizing the years of service, while the agricultural cooperatives requested the Prime Minister a location for construction of a distribution center for agricultural products. Gruevski put the Minister of Transport and Communications, Vlado Misajlovski, in charge of managing this issue.

At the meeting, Kuklis residents also reacted to the problem of the burnt down home which, despite the proposal by the advisers to be reconstructed, was not refurbished by the municipality and the Mayor Zoran Zaev, nor they prepared renovation project so as to receive funds under the Rural Development Program. Although Zaev promised the residents that the home would be reconstructed, this promised was not met for years. As regards this problem, it was agreed with the advisers, within their possibilities, to propose requests for the home to be reconstructed.

Farmers who have suffered damages from the floods were informed by the Prime Minister, following the discussions with the Minister of Finance Stavreski, that damage compensation would commence in 15 days.

Prime Minister Gruevski continued his visit Saturday afternoon to the municipalities and the inhabited places in Strumica region.

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