As of 3rd April 2010, citizens and companies can raise the funds of the 17th installment of the bond for old foreign currency savings in the commercial banks.
As stated in the press release, Ministry of Finance paid Denar 1,447,273,827 on the accounts of the owners of these bonds yesterday. Denar 1,284,249,100 was paid to natural persons, while Denar 163,024,726 was paid to legal entities.


Owners of bonds for old foreign currency savings not having indicated bank account need to address to one of the commercial banks of the Republic of Macedonian and fill-in the necessary documentation.


By the end of 2010, the 18th installment of this bond will also be paid, while as of 2011 inclusive, the last two installments will be also paid, fully indemnifying citizens and legal entities, the foreign currency savings of which were frozen on accounts in the commercial banks during the break-up of former SFRY.
By paying these funds, Ministry of Finance remained consistent in its commitment to service all its obligations on regular basis and timely, leading to improving the liquidity of both the economy and the citizens, the press release stated.(MIA)

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