Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, and Krusevo Mayor, Vasilco Damcevski, laid the foundations for the City Market today, for which the Government allocated EUR 250,000.The complex will comprise around 10 shops and indoor stands covering 700 square meters. It is envisaged to look like a typical old house in Krusevo.


Reconstructed pedestrian path with stairs, named after Tose Proseki, in the city center was also put in use today.


According to Damcevski, the market, infrastructure arrangement of the city center and the new look of the “Nikola Martinoski” square, for which Denar 2.5 million is allocated, will make Krusevo an attractive tourist destination.


Minister Stavreski agreed that good tourist offer requires good infrastructure.


– It is my pleasure to be here today because reconstructed pedestrian path, named after our star Tose Proeski, is put in use. It is this and other projects, such as the Krusevo Market and arrangement of the central area, that are significant infrastructure projects, necessary for a good tourist offer. The Government will continue investing in our tourist pearl Krusevo and in improving the living conditions of its citizens, Stavreski said.


Internet Club was also put into operation in Krusevo today, which is part of the government project for Internet clubs in all areas throughout the country where young people and adults will be able to use free Internet services.(MIA)


pictures from the event

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