Prilep, 29th June 2012 (MIA) – Today, in Prilep, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski with the Mayor Marjan Risteski signed agreement for using Denar 33 million of the World Bank credit for construction of the boulevard at the entry of the city.

– It is my utmost pleasure that the Government will help Prilep to solve this decade-long problem and expand the street “Aleksandar Makedonski” into boulevard, which will contribute to more quality living conditions and economic development, Vice Prime Minister Stavreski pointed out.

He pointed out that the funds Prilep uses are from the first tranche of the World Bank credit in the amount of EUR 18 million aimed at infrastructure-related activities in the municipalities. So far, 20 municipalities have used funds therefore.

Vice Prime Minister announced that the preparations for the new World Bank funds aimed at infrastructure–related activities for the municipalities in the amount of EUR 37 million are almost finished.

– We started the procedure with the World Bank on time and we will soon obtain additional financing in the amount of EUR 37 million since the municipalities are interested and want to complete infrastructure projects, being supported by the Government, Stavreski pointed out.

Boulevard to be built in Prilep is 790 meters long, the width of which is from 13.5 meters to 16.5 meters, and it will amount to Denar 26 million. Bridge and the supporting wall will cost Denar two million each, and Denar 3.5 million will be spent for street lighting.

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