Prilep, 28th November 2014 (MIA) – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, Minister of Environment Nurhan Izairi and Head of EU Delegation to Macedonia Aivo Orav, attended today’s promotion of the major project for environment protection financed with IPA funds and budget funds.  

Project includes reconstruction of 65-km sewage network in the city, for which construction EUR 16 million has been invested and another EUR 10 million for construction of wastewater treatment plant, which will treat the wastewater and will be built in the Prilep suburbs.

According to Stavreski, this is  a capital project for environment protection and first of  such type in Macedonia, realized with IPA funds.

Total value of the Project shows that we remain committed to realizing the projects we promised to citizens, that being construction of sewage network and wastewater treatment plant, by which wastewater will be purified and properly treated, to the end of improving the quality of life of citizens of Prilep Municipality, Stavreski said.

According to the Minister of Environment, Nurhan Izairi, this Project will protect the soil and the overall surrounding in this part of Pelagonija.

Protection of soil and waters is very important for the whole region, Nurhan Izairi said.
EU Ambassador Orav pointed out that environment protection and improvement of life of the population is one of the EU priorities.  As for such type of projects, EU fully supports Macedonia.

This Project  financed with Pre-Accession IPA funds will contribute to solving the long-lasting problems of the local population in terms of protection of health, as well as proper wastewater treatment, Orav said.
According to the Mayor of Prilep, Marjan Risteski, the city obtained 95% reconstructed sewage network,  and 70 streets are also being urbanized  Farmers will also benefit therefrom.
This will also be a great benefit for farmers in Prilepsko pole, irrigating their agricultural products from the city river, which will now be according to the highest environmental standards for all markets in Europe and worldwide, Risteski said.

Representatives from the PUE “Water Supply and Sewerage” managing the Project, said that the construction of the sewage network in the first pahse covering 23 km, should be completed next year, and the second phase to cover 42 km of the network will be completed by 2017.  At the same time, wastewater treatment plant will be built in the  city’s suburbs, and it  should be completed in 2017.

Mayor Risteksi made a tour with the guests of the streets of Trizla settlement, where there are ongoing construction works aimed at reconstructing the sewerage network.


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