It is my honor to present the first Public Financial Management Reform Programme 2018 – 2021. It is structured so as to reflect the key weaknesses and challenges in the area of public financial management, also proposing measures and activities to overcome and manage them.  

The pleasure is even greater considering that no unique and consistent programme in the field of public financial management existed in the Republic of Macedonia, although it is a key priority. Improving efficiency and effectiveness in public financial management is one of the most important priorities of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as a requirement for the country’s accession in the European Union.

Such programme reflects the efforts of the Macedonian Government aimed at attaining transparent, efficient and effective public financial management, as well as ensuring fiscal discipline and debt sustainability.

The Programme is prepared on the basis of an intensive cooperation among the relevant national institutions, through support by the EU Delegation and SIGMA expert assistance. In addition, Ministry of Finance has exhibited the commitment to ensure broad social support for the planned reforms in the area of public financial management by cooperating with the civil society, the experts and the business community. Their contribution to improving the Programme’s priorities and measures is of invaluable significance.

Adoption of the Public Financial Management Programme is just the first step in the reform process, followed by the most important one, that being its implementation. I would like to hereby express gratitude to all those involved in the creation of the Programme and to underline that we are all together going to realize what we have written down on the pages to follow.   

PhD. Dragan Tevdovski

Minister of Finance


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