1st March 2019, Skopje, Public Financial Management Reform Programme is being successfully realized. Most of the activities envisaged in the Action Plan were implemented last year, and what I expect for this year is to continue with even more intensified pace on, Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski underlined at the meeting of the Public Financial Management Council held in the premises of the Ministry of Finance.

Draft Annual Monitoring Report on Implementation of the 2018 Action Plan PFM Reform Programme, for the period December 2017- December 2018, as well as the Draft 2019 Action Plan for PFM Programme were discussed at today’s session of the Council.

– In 2018, our efforts were aimed at improving the legislation in several key areas: planning and budgeting, public procurement, public internal financial control and public debt management, Minister Tevdovski said.  He added that he was satisfied with the results taking into account that most of the envisaged activities, around 81% of them were fully or partially completed.

Among other things, significant progress has been made in the new Budget Law preparation process, which will include provisions for fiscal rules and Fiscal Council, new Law on Public Procurement has been adopted and it will start to apply as of 1st  April this year, there are ongoing preparatory activities of the new Law on Internal Financial Control in the Public Sector, the 2019-2021 Strategy for Development of Public Internal Financial Control has been finalized, amendments to the Law on Financial Inspection in the Public Sector have been adopted, the Law on Amending the Public Debt Law is in parliamentary procedure and Tax System Reform Strategy has also been prepared.



Ministry of Finance continuously works on improving transparency in the public finance management. Web application Citizens’ Budget is aimed thereto, and at present, activities are undertaken for creating “Open Finance” Portal. Electronic System for Reporting and Recording of Liabilities was put into operation, and in parallel with the budget reform, the reforms related to the public finance management system continue by establishing new efficient and integrated information system.

– Reform process will continue in  the coming period, being reflected in the new Draft 2019 Action Plan, Tevdovski said.

Public Financial Management Council has been established as coordinative body of the Government of Republic of North Macedonia, at high level, aimed at monitoring the reforms envisaged in the 2018-2021 PFM Programme.

Bujar Osmani, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, Koco Angusev Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, responsible for economic affairs and coordination with the economic sectors, Kreshnik Bekteshi, Minister of Economy, Damjan Mancevski, Minister of Information Society and Administration, Goko Tanasoski, Director of the Customs Administration, Sanja Lukarevska, Director of the Public Revenue Office, Bardul Nasufi, Director of the Public Procurement Bureau, Apostol Simovski, Director of the State Statistical Office, Kiril Karanfilov, President of the State Appeals Commission and Naser Ademi, Deputy Auditor General are members of this Council.


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