Skopje, 25th October 2016 (MIA) – Participants having completed the training on public sector internal auditors were awarded international certificates at the Ministry of Finance today. As Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said, obtaining the certificates would contribute to improving the quality of internal audit and increase accountability, transparency and efficiency in the public sector institutions.

– Starting 2012 till today, three cycles of international certification of public sector internal auditors were carried out, attended by total of 114 auditors, 83 out of which successfully passed the exams and obtained international certificate on public sector internal auditor, Minoski said at the certificate awarding ceremony.

In the past several years, Republic of Macedonia has been intensively implementing reforms aimed at improving the public finances control and management. Establishment and development of а system of public internal financial control in the country, he went on, is part of these reforms.

Objective of this reform on the other hand, he explained, is to create a comprehensive system of internal financial control in the public system to provide for efficient and transparent public finances management.

– These activities are also part of the process of preparation of Macedonia to successfully carry out the accession negotiation with the EU on the Financial Control Chapter. A requirement to attain this objective is to build capacities and institutions to help boost the knowledge of civil servants and the understanding on internationally recognized best practices and standards on accounting and auditing in the public sector, Minoski pointed out.

Realization of this Project, as Minoski said, by transferring the knowledge and exchanging the ideas and the best practices, has provided for an accelerated development of the internal auditor profession and strengthening the professional community of internal auditors in the country. – Ultimate goal of the Project is to improve internal audit quality and increase accountability, transparency and efficiency of public sector institutions, Minoski said.

According to the Ambassador of Slovenia to Macedonia, Milan Jazbec, what matters the most is that the pool of experts, promoting this profession in Macedonia, has been established and, as he said, you set an example for the others. Trainings, as he said, have contributed to uplifting the professional level of internal auditors in Macedonia and raising the standards at a higher level.

Ministry of Finance realized the “Training of Internal Auditors in the Public Sector“ Project in cooperation with the Center of Excellence in Finance from Slovenia and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy from London, while the Project was financially supported by the Governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Slovenia.

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