Skopje, 18th August 2015 (MIA) – Reconstruction of Praska Street marks the realization of the project for reconstruction of streets and storm water network on the territory of Karpos Municipality.

Around Denar 35 million is going to be spent for the Project realization, funds provided by the World Bank through the Ministry of Finance.

– The funds are extended under favourable conditions – 13-year repayment period, with 4-year grace period and favourable interest rate of around 0.6%. It is a project to resolve the issue of storm water network and reconstruction of streets for around 3.5 thousand citizens in Karpos Municipality, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, pointed out, who, together with the Karpos Municipality Mayor, Stevco Jakimovski, marked the launch of the construction works.

Stavreski underlined that it was about streets which, after more than 40 years of their construction, were not reconstructed or there was no storm water network.

– Although it is a matter of a quite urban city area, where large number of utilities issues has been previously resolved, still there are spots that need to be additionally worked on. Ministry of Finance assisted in providing the funds for this Project on the basis of the contacts with the citizens and the requests of the Municipality, Stavreski said.

Mayor Jakimovski expects for the construction works to be completed in around six months and the citizens in this municipality will have no problems with the storm water network any more.

– Roadway, sidewalk and street lighting will be reconstructed on Praska Street. At the same time, storm water network on Ankarska Street, Alzirska Street, Bagdatska Street, Borka Talevski Street, as well as Vlae Street, France Presern Street and Koruska Street, will be reconstructed, meaning that these areas in the municipality will be put under control and the citizens will have no problems with the mixing of storm water and faecal sewerage in future, Jakimovski said.

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