Skopje, 10th January 2013 (MIA) – Price of the green card will be reduced from the current Denar 5,500 to Denar 1,850 in a year. This, as Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said today, is Government decision from yesterday’s session, upon request by the Motorcycle Federation of Macedonia.


– All those who watched the cult film "Easy Rider” with Peter Fonda and the scene at the beginning with the “chopper” know that the story of bikers and motors is a story for the freedom of movement, large expansions and distances. Last Government decision was reached to that end. Thus, we will provide to more than 15,000 bikers registered in Macedonia, to travel around and explore more easily, i.e. to move across Europe, i.e. outside the borders of Macedonia, and this is what they exactly requested us, Stavreski said.


He stressed that by this decision, practically all requests of the Motorcycle Federation of Macedonia were fulfilled, reiterating that the Government has already enabled import of motorcycles from the USA, and it has also provided the possibility for them to register their motors within shorter periods of time –on monthly basis, three and six months.


Lenin Jovanovski, President of the Motorcycle Federation of Macedonia and the motorcycle club "Night Wolves”, expressing gratitude by using motor jargon with “respect” to this Government decision, said that the requests of the bikers were collected from a forum of the website “bikers". According to him, the decision covers all types of motors regardless of their engine volume, power or price.


– By this decision, the requests of a number of bikers were fulfilled. More than 15,000 motors were registered, however, there are 55,490 motors in the records of the Republic of Macedonia. According to the last measures, they will be also an impetus for the unregistered motors to be registered, Jovanovski said.


He expressed expectation for the cooperation with the Government to continue in future as well, as regards several projects, referring to the increase of safety of motorcyclists, the Project for Education of Young Bikers, as well as the construction of speed track.

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