Starting today, around 15 thousands social welfare beneficiaries from Skopje and its surrounding were provided the possibility to buy products at reduced prices in SOS shops. All they have to do is to show the card they will obtain in the social work centers while shopping.


Government Project on SOS Shops was launched in SP market in Skopje Municipality Kisela Voda, in the presence of Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Xhelai Bajrami. In addition to SP shops, SOS products can be purchased in Tineks markets. Products will be labeled and sold at reduced prices, up to 20 percents for food products and up to 25 percents for personal hygienic products.


Minister of Labour and Social Policy Bajrami believes that other companies and owners of chains of markets will also support this action, so as to extended it not only in Skopje, where the pilot project was realized, but in other towns as well.


– Procedure for obtaining cards for purchasing such products is very simple. All social welfare beneficiaries have to do is go to social work centers, to be issued the cards. While shopping, they will have to show ID cards together with the issued card, Bajrami said.


Vice Prime Minister Stavreski expressed gratitude to these two companies, for providing possibility to the most vulnerable Macedonian citizens to buy the necessary products at prices lower than the regular ones.


– Thus, companies showed solidarity with the Macedonian citizens in such difficult crisis situation. Companies obtain nothing but reputation and proof to be quality companies showing understanding for the consumers, since they are socially responsible, which is appreciated both in our country and the worldwide as well, Stavreski said.


Social welfare beneficiaries will be able to exercise their right to buy products at reduced prices up to the amount of the social welfare they receive, but not exceeding Denar 5,000 per month. They will receive certificate to be issued by the Social Work Center, by which they can purchase the necessary products. (MIA)


7th December 2009, first SOS shop opened in Skopje (photos from the event).


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