Washington, 19th April 2015 (MIA) – Stand and Poor’s affirmed Macedonia’s credit rating, being a good signal for the growth of Macedonian economy,

the good condition of public finances, as well as a good signal to foreign investors, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said.


– It certainly speaks in favour of the fact that Macedonia has good growing trend, sound business climate and solid public finances, being also a good signal to investors since they take into account the ranking of the countries and the rating awarded by renowned internationalcorporations, Stavreski said, attending the WB and IMF Spring Meetings in Washington.


What, as he said, is especially good, is that the affirmation of the credit rating of Macedonia occurs in times when Europe copes with risks and when European countries, in particular our neighbour Greece, faces the dilemma whether it will manage to remain within or leave the Eurozone.


– These meetings included for the first time open discussions about the possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone, underlying the positive and negative effects if this happens.


 Thus, it is good to know that Macedonia has much more stable conditions, i.e. lower level of indebtedness and experiences economic growth compared to our neigbour, having also stable economy , meaning that Macedonian economy will remain in the zone of stable and growing economies, Stavreski underlined.

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