Budget in Brief is a web application, bringing the Budget, in a simple fashion, closer to the citizens, it provides interactive information on Budget preparation, the manner revenues are collected and the allocations are spent.



“Open Finance” Portal is aimed at making data on transactions of all budget users available to the public, which data are managed by the Treasury department of the Ministry of Finance.



Capital expenditures or capital investments are expenditures of the budget users allocated for durable goods, such as roads, schools, hospitals, water pipelines, student dormitories, sports facilities, medical devices, etc. Their execution is important, because they create better services for the citizens and contribute to development of the economy.
Track the execution of capital expenditures of each institution – actual versus Budget projections.



“Open Finance” Portal also includes data on public debt amount and structure. Public debt comprises the liabilities created by borrowing by the central government, the municipalities and the debt of public enterprises and companies predominantly owned by the state or by the municipalities.





Treasury, reports, Budget execution, monthly data

Public debt – public debt stock

ESRRL Reports

Statistical review

Indicators and projections

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