As of yesterday, the government has paid all due liabilities on the basis of invoices, and as of 15 October, all VAT refunds were paid, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski said at the press conference held in the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia.


His statement was also confirmed by ACC President, Zlatko Kalenikov, who said that their surveys for internal use showed that the government settled all claims, submitted to the Ministry of Finance, on the basis of invoices and VAT refund.


Kalenikov pointed out that there was a possibility for around 20% of the claims to be still with different ministries, however, he underlined, once again, that all claims submitted to the Ministry of Finance were settled.
When asked, Vice Prime Minister Stavreski underlined that as of yesterday the government settled around hundred billion denars on the basis of VAT refund and due invoices to the companies in Macedonia.(MIA)

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