Skopje, 12th August 2013 (MIA) – Banks in Macedonia have sufficient liquid funds so as to extend loans. They should make an effort, to find good clients, not just to wait for the clients to come themselves, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, said.


Growth of lending in Macedonia, as he stated in yesterday’s interview for MTV (Macedonian Television), is somehow better than the one in the region, however, it is not sufficient. Vice Prime Minister believes that more loans to the business sector are needed so as for the economic activity to experience higher growth.


-For now, mainly credits the Government provides from the European Investment Bank for small- and medium-sized enterprises are the ones approved to the companies. Probably part of this is due to the general conditions in Europe, which have not provided for continuation of the lending activity as it used to be before. However, the banks are to make an effort and find good clients, rather than just wait for the good clients themselves to approach them.


Part of our measures contribute to reduction of interest rates on banks’ loans by simply reducing the interest rate on treasury bills, National Bank provided assistance as regards monetary policy instruments, releasing additional liquidity for the banks to be able to provide for lending, Stavreski underlined. He expressed his believe that lending activity will increase this autumn and the next year as well. Ministry of Finance and the banks, he pointed out, will continue working on providing for increased lending activity.

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