Skopje, 27th January 2013 (MIA) – “Buy a House, Buy a Flat” Project enters the second year of realization. Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, expects, like in the previous year, for hundreds of citizens to be extended support to resolve one of the most crucial issues of obtaining own home. Today, approvals to new beneficiaries of subsidized housing credit under this Project were presented.

– Today’s presenting of approvals to beneficiaries of subsidized housing credit marks the first anniversary of the Project. We are entering the second year, and we believe that hundreds of new families will use this opportunity as well. So far, the credit has helped 110 citizens, i.e. families, Minister Stavreski said.

He added that if the Project is seen from the point of view that it contributes to resolving such crucial issue, it includes a large human dimension, and it is important that, regardless of whether it is a matter of a young married couple living in an extended family household, a single parent with children, etc., a vital issue is resolved with a support extended by the Government.

– Government helps people who need support the most and at the most appropriate time, that being the very beginning, when funds need to be gathered and when each Denar is important to apply for a housing credit. This Project is intended precisely for citizens with certain income, however, having not enough funds or lacking few to be extended a housing credit or want to be extended a credit under favourable conditions and that is when the Government and “Buy a House, Buy a Flat“ Project play an important role, Minister of Finance pointed out.

Support by the Government in the case when the citizen has chosen the “50/50 installment” model reaches up to EUR 10,000. So far, subsidies extended by the Government are in the amount of EUR 640,000. Interest on subsidized housing credit is fixed in the first five years, i.e. 4.99% in the first three years and 5.49% in the fourth and the fifth year.

Most of the applicants have chosen the "50/50 installment” model, and they are located in Skopje. Among those today, there are families from Probistip, Gevgelija, …

Aleksandra Manoleva, a single parent from Skopje, being extended subsidized credit, said that the Project was of vital importance for her to decide, after 17 years living in a rented flat, to resolve the crucial housing issue. – This is the most appropriate way to resolve this issue. After all analyses, we have opted for the “50/50 installment” model, Manoleva said, who will use the subsidized credit to buy a 45m2 flat in Skopje.

Citizens will be able, through public call for competition announced by the Government, to apply for subsidized housing credits by 31st May.

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